Value of CardioVascular Centers


Minimally invasive treatments for patients with Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) can result in shorter hospital stays and have the potential to save Medicare millions of dollars each year.  These treatments also can be done in CVCs.  Physicians, primarily trained in vascular surgery, cardiology, or interventional radiology treat nearly 113,000 Medicare fee-for-service patients at CVCs. 

Figure 1: Physicians Who Practice at CVCs

pie chart


*source: Avalere Health

CVCs offer a cost-efficient and focused alternative site of care for patients and focus on providing endovascular revascularization with minimally invasive techniques.  In markets where a CVC is available, more Medicare beneficiaries used the CVC for their revascularization procedure. 

CVCs are geographically located closer to patients and their communities, making quality vascular care more accessible and convenient for patients in need.