Our Patients: Meet Doctor Bobby Jones

Dr. Bobby Jones had spent his whole life raising people up. As host of “Bobby Jones Gospel”– the longest running show in cable television history – Bobby helped aspiring singers and songwriters raise their profile and launch their careers. Winner of a Grammy Award for the Best Soul Gospel Performance, Bobby’s voice lifted the spirits and energies of his audience for decades.

Picture1It was only in retirement, after years of helping other artists, that Bobby began having trouble standing on his own two feet. As someone who enjoyed casual walks with friends, Bobby began to feel a piercing pain in his leg that prevented him from walking his usual neighborhood route. The pain slowly began to intensify as time passed, prompting Bobby to seek help from his primary care physician.

After learning of Bobby’s symptoms, the doctor asked him whether or not his family had a history of poor blood circulation. As it turned out, Bobby’s father, aunt and uncle all had limb amputations as a result of bad circulation, leading the doctor to diagnose Dr. Jones with lower extremity peripheral artery disease (PAD).

With arterial plaque build-up in his leg, Bobby knew he had to act fast to avoid a potentially debilitating amputation. Immediately after his diagnosis, Bobby met with his vascular surgeon, Dr. Bryan T. Fisher, who was determined to do everything he could to prevent unnecessary limb loss.

After carefully examining the arterial blockage in Bobby’s leg, Dr. Fisher eagerly let his patient know that there was a treatment path that didn’t involve amputation – and the surgery was quick and successful! Dr. Jones walked out of the hospital in a matter of hours, and soon found that he could take his usual leisurely walks free of pain or leg cramps.

With blood flow restored to his leg, Bobby is back to doing what he does best: lifting others up. At 79 years old, he continues to produce gospel music for audiences in his home state of Tennessee and across the country and hopes to continue raising the profiles of other artists as long he can.

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