Our Patients: Meet Monsignor Ken Greig

Location: Port Arthur, TX
Age: 74
Insurance: Medicare

At 74, Monsignor Ken Greig continues to lead a healthy, active life. As a priest in his local church, Ken often works long days and spends extended periods of time standing up.

This never presented an issue for Ken until the winter of 2014 when he developed severe pain in his right thigh.

“It was absolutely miserable,” Ken explained. “I work from 7am to 8pm and I really struggled to continue my routine because of the pain.”

After multiple visits to his general doctor, Ken was diagnosed with mild Peripheral Artery Disease, but he had yet to find any relief from the severe pain he felt.

Monsignor Greig’s doctor eventually referred him to Dr. Colgan, a cardiologist specializing in vascular interventions.

Dr. Colgan performed an arteriogram, an imaging test that uses x-rays and a special dye to see inside the arteries, and was able to identify the source of the pain – a blockage in Monsignor Greig’s right leg.

Dr. Colgan quickly scheduled Ken for an atherectomy to remove the blockage.

The day of his procedure, Monsignor Greig arrived at the outpatient facility at 7am. By 8:30am, the procedure had begun. After a short observation period, Ken was able to go home the same day.

“There was an immediate difference after the procedure,” Ken explained. “My pain was gone instantly.”

Today, Ken has returned to his daily routine and is able to work without any discomfort. Thanks to follow up appointments with Dr. Colgan, they were able to identify an additional blockage in his lower leg before it became painful.

Despite his upcoming procedure to remove the new blockage, Monsignor Greig is optimistic about

his future. After having such a positive experience at Dr. Colgan’s outpatient facility last year, he trusts that his next procedure will go just as smoothly.