Standing TALL


Standing Together Against Limb Loss (Standing TALL) is a national awareness campaign to engage patient advocacy, disease, minority, faith-based, veteran and professional organizations to increase understanding among policy makers, the media and the general public about the startling racial disparities that exist among American amputees.  Far too many minority Americans experience limb removal because of vascular disease, which can be easily diagnosed and effectively treated to prevent amputation.  No one should experience limb loss unnecessarily.


Racial Disparities Among PAD Patients and Amputees

Peripheral artery disease (PAD) is a limb-threatening circulatory condition, that when left undiagnosed and untreated can result in lower-limb amputation.  It is exacerbated by conditions like diabetes, chronic hypertension and renal disease, which are most prevalent in minority populations.

African Americans and other minority populations in the U.S., including Native Americans and Hispanic Americans, have disproportionally higher rates of PAD and diabetes. Combined with limited access to community-based interventional treatments, these populations have measurably higher rates of avoidable amputation.  Data show that these amputations can be prevented if clinically appropriate intervention occurs before an individual’s limb is removed.

Standing TALL aims to end limb loss by advocating for policies to ensure that limb-salvaging procedures are completed before amputation occurs.

Click here to see the statement announcing the Standing TALL campaign.


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